What I do

Trust & Dependability

You can trust me to be responsive and deliver clear communication on your project.  There is no fine print.  my process is collaborative, honest and open throughout the entire process.   Keeping it simple and organized for you to succeed with your online presence.  Let’s let  your customers know who you are.  Let’s showcase what you want to be seen.

Education and Support

I will Set you up on a platform that is flexible, responsive and future friendly   A great website can act as an excellent sales tool for your company.  All of This means that your website can grow with you.  I can help you and your staff learn how to manage your site, after launch I will be there with you to make sure everything is running smoothly.  This is your chance to present a stunning first impression to potential customers.



This type of website will provide information on your companies services, history, staff and most importantly contact information. You can tie in your social media and start a blog which will provide added value for your clients to gather information surrounding your niche.


This type of website will showcase your work. It can be anything, from photography to contractors showcasing what you can do can be the reason why a client chooses you over someone else. A website like this can easily be updated and combined with your social media.

Web Shop

This type of website can be a gateway for customers to access your products. Customers have embraced online shopping, this type of website can be your main way to sell your products or it can be an alternative shopping experience that will go hand in hand with your physical location.



Some Training time is automatically included with any website. I will teach you how to manage your website including managing images and maintaining the look of your website helping you keep your website fast. I will show you how to Keep it secure and updated including creating backups to avoid any downtime.


Once your site is completed you are given documentation so you wont have to remember everything, a handy reference guide detailing all plug-ins and image sizes to maintain the layout.

Additional Training

Have some new staff who need to learn how to manage things? Need some extra time to understand things at a higher level or wanting advice on how to implement new functionality yourself, I can help you with that.