Log into host and install wordpress

Log Into Host Account #

Immediately after your complete your order, you will receive several emails with important information. Please save these for future reference. It will sometimes take 10-15mins on the host side to set up your account. Once ready log in to your host account and you will see the following:

Navigate to CPanel #

You will want to click on the CPanel button to enter the CPanel of your website. This is where you will install WordPress with one click! Once inside the CPanel you should scroll down until you see the Software section:

Install WordPress #

Click on WordPress manager by Softaculous and walk through the steps of the WordPress set up as follows:

1. Click on Install

2. Check that the domain shows properly

3. Change your site name and site description

4. Pick a user name and password – this will be used to login to your WordPress admin panel. **Its important that you pick a strong password here.

5. Change your email to where you want to manage your WordPress admin. (This can be changed at a later date just make sure to use an email that is active right now)

The rest of the items are optional, there is no need to pick a theme as this will be changed once you log into your website. Now you are ready to start setting up your website.

One note on the cPanel, this is where you will also set up your domain email account. I suggest if you need any help within the cPanel to reach out to support, they are always happy to walk you through these items, there is also a lot of information on the web about the CPanel and anything you are looking for or want to learn is readily available.